RIP Terry Wogan

Never has the loss of a celebrity hit me so hard as when I heard earlier this year that 'Dear Ol' Tel' had passed away.

BBC Radio 2 did a fabulous job of honouring Terry yesterday as stars played tribute to him at a service held at Westminister Abbey.

Terry had become part of my everyday life. I listened to him on the way into work, watched him tirelessly raise money for Children in Need and laughed with him as he comentated on the appalling acts EuroVision offered up year after year.

On top of that, our family had a personal connection. My Dad, Barrie Goulding, produced the children's TV series, 'Stoppit & Tidyup', voiced by none other than Terry Wogan.

If you have a few moments to wander down memory lane, here it is Stoppit & Tidyup

Thank you Terry - you'll be greatly missed