A Change in Perspective

We’ve all seen them. Tall, skinny videos shot on a smartphone that result in those awful black bars on either side. Nothing screams amateur-hour like a video filmed in portrait, right? Well... think again!

With over half of YouTube views now coming from mobile devices, video marketers are having to rethink their strategy and optimize content for vertical viewing on phones.

Examples include the fast food giant Burger King, who have begun to create vertical ads for Snapchat. A wise decision, given that Snapchat told Daily Mail’s CEO in North America, Jon Steinberg that “vertical video ads have up to 9x more completed views than horizontal video ads”.

And it’s not only advertisers that are taking note of this trend. Take a look at this beautifully shot vertical video of a slow motion cliff dive.

A strong negative attitude towards the vertical video undoubtedly still exists, but with shift of focus towards mobile content, will we soon see a shift in opinion? Or is vertical video forever doomed to be synonymous with “shoddy amateur”?

Perhaps it’s time for a change in perspective...